Du-lite Firearm Cleaning Kit
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Pistol Cleaning Kit
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Du-Lite Corporation Announces “Simply The World’s Best”
9 Piece, Complete Pistol Cleaning Kit.

Du-Lite® has been the Leader in Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance Since 1939. With the introduction of it’s new Complete Pistol Cleaning Kit to it’s line of firearm cleaning and maintenance products, the tradition of leadership continues.

Accept no substitute, Du-Lite®’s Complete Cleaning Kits are the only kits on the market with Kwikseal® Oil, Du-Lite®’s protectorant, sealant and lubricant. An application of Kwikseal® Oil protects up to 12 months! Kwikseal® is used by major firearms manufacturers to protect their firearms while in storage and during shipment to their dealers. Manufacturers include; Ruger, T/C, KEL-TEC, Kimber, STI, Les Baer, Caspian Arms, U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Barrett Firearms, Henry Repeating Arms, Weatherby, Dakota Arms, and Ed Brown amongst others.

NEW Retail Packaging for Our
Lady Shooter's Choice & Standard Black Handled Pistol Cleaning Kits.

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Cleaning Kits

Du-Lite's Pistol Firearm Cleaning Kits now come in new retail packaging perfect for peghook aisle display or at your checkout counter in a point of purchase display rack.

The DU-LITE® Complete 9 Piece Pistol
Cleaning Kit Cleans All Handguns and Includes:
• DU-LITE®’s KWIKSEAL® Lubricant &
  Rust Preventative Oil
• 7.5" Brass Cleaning Rod, comes in 2 pieces
• .22 Cal., 9mm, .40 Cal., & .45 Cal. Brushes
• Indestructible Handle with Easy-to-Open Rubber Cap

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Du-Lite Pistol Cleaning Kit: How to Clean Your Handguns

Du-Lite Firearm Cleaning Cloth

Soft, non-scratching 12'' x 14'' Untreated. This cleaning cloth is ideal for wiping down firearms after using our Kwikseal Oil. A great addition to your Du-Lite Pistol Cleaning Kit!

Du-Lite Cleaning Cloth


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